The Get Into Action Committee fosters collaboration among online groups.


What started as a committee of the Three Legacies Studies Group grew into the Get Into Action Committee as we were joined by A.A. members from a cross-section of the U.S. and Canada. The Get Into Action Committee is a collection of A.A. members who were interested in assisting the General Service Board’s collection of data about online groups as affirmed in Advisory Action #33 from the 71st General Service Conference. The Get Into Action Committee held a two-part workshop (March 26 and April 2, 2022) that called online groups together to share their experiences and challenges with connecting to the U.S./Canada service structure. Action was taken because we did not hear any call for information on online groups that was made by the General Service Board.


We're looking for input from the online groups to help identify things that you would like to learn and discuss.

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