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All times are EST

394 815 3021.  PW howitworks 

Mon-Fri 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Coffee Meditation/Daily Reflection 

Mon, Wed, Fri 8:00pm-9:00pm

Mon - Grapevine 

Wednesday- Language of the Heart 

Friday- Beginner steps 1,2,3 

Last Friday of the month speaker 

Tues, Thursday, Saturday 


Thursday- Big Book Sponsorship

Saturday- Your AA week SNL

Sunday Showcase- The Road of Happy Destiny Big Book breakdown 

Line by Line word by word ( please note this meeting although part is AASG has different numbers )

404-353-8228. PW 0423 

Big Book Study

7 pm EST Daily - OPEN AA Meeting  ID 708-514-4655  Password sobriety       

Beginners Book Study

M - BigBook

T - 12x12

W Chairs Choice

TH Grapevine Articles

Fr - BigBook

Sat & Sun -  Daily Reflections & Other AA Litereature

The meeting was started with two focus points...on Gratitude so we pause every meeting for 30 seconds of silence to reflect on personal gratitude...the 2nd focus is on the newcomer...We meet after the main meeting for open shares with newcomer in mind...Anyone who can sponsor puts a green checkmark up so anyone looking for a sponsor can connect in private chat box...we are on open meeting and we have service positions with training and encourage becoming a member of our group.

First 164 yp

Monday through Sunday, 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm CET 

Online; Skype

Participation from Europe, US and other parts of the World. International.

Daily Reflections most days, meeting chair can choose another reading such as 12 Steps and 12 Traditions

To join please send a contact request to ‘First164yp’ on Skype well in advance of your first meeting, mentioning that you want to join our meetings. Please be on Skype 10 minutes before meeting time and send a Skype message saying “join” to “First164yp.” Please do not call. The tech host will call you shortly after you send a “join” message. Use of a headset with a microphone is recommended to cut down on background noise. Please mute your microphone when not speaking. To strengthen your connection, turn off all other internet applications on whatever computer device you are using when you participate in a meeting.

Friendly Friday

12 noon M-F EST   -   8 pm Friday EST  speaker meeting  

Friendly Friday meeting 8pm Eastern time on Friday. Open speaker meeting ZID - -  851 0323 9486, PW  - - 872256

Lunch Club Noon Eastern time Monday - Friday. Closed Step/Tradition topic discussions at ZID - - - 838 0539 4993, PW - - - 942955.  


Home Away From Home meets at 1230pm Eastern Time.  Closed speaker/discussion meeting at ZID - - - 321 022 892, PW - - - 336975"  

Global Eye Opener

Daily Meetings 6AM Pacific

Halfway Through 

Wed 4 p.m. EST    Sat  9 a.m. EST   823 5635 9652

Morning Meditation / Evening Reflection

Daily meetings at 6:45 am EST and 6:45 pm EST 



Our meetings

Town Hall Presentation

On Awakening

Daily meetings at 7 am EST ID: 819 2644 8621 PW 061520

Meetings Flier

M Daily Reflections

T Speaker / Discussion

W Big Book

TH Living Sober

F Steps & Traditions

SA Step 11 / Meditation

SU As Bill Sees It

Meeting Script

Town Hall Presentation

Queer & Anonymous

“As an ideal, we do not tolerate racism, xenophobia, transphobia, ableism, fatphobia/sizeism, misogyny, classism, or any other types of shaming. We respect everyone who seeking sobriety in a safe and accepting environment.”

Meeting List

Q&A = All Tea, No Shade  

We speak our truths freely and we accept and respect all.

Queer and Anonymous meets four times per week online.

• Mondays @ 7:00 PT Queer History ID: 72892677247 PW: queerhist2


• Wednesdays @ 6:00pm PT Speaker/Discussion ID: 78541225648 PW: queersdla


• Fridays @ 7:00pm PT Speaker/Discussion ID: 89701662212 PW: queersdla


• Sundays @ 12:00pm PT Meditation ID: 81338537660 PW: lgbtqmed




• Tuesday evenings *in person* in West Hollywood


AA DAILY REFLECTIONS   7 DAYS A WEEK @ 7AM EST  |  ZOOM 509 371 8130 (Pin 442)

Three Legacies Study Group

Tuesday’s 6:30 - 7:30 PM (PST) 

The Three Legacies Study Group is a workshop-style discussion meeting focused on deepening the group’s understanding of the 36 Principles to become better equipped to practice these principles in all of our affairs. 

Virtual Sunrise Sobriety

7 days a week at 7 am Eastern Standard Time.

We may also be found online on the Meeting APP

Our Zoom ID is 380 922 896 and our Password is 529sunrise

We meet 7 days a week at 7 am Eastern Standard Time. Monday is a Beginners meeting, Tuesday is 12&12, Wednesday is Speaker/Discussion, Thursday is Big Book Study, Friday is Open Discussion, Saturday is Longer Speaker/member anniversary speaker, and Sunday is Open Discussion.

Please join us for our 3rd Annual Virtual Traditions' Skit on Feb 11th, at 2 pm 

ZOOM ID:   810 635 0964

Home Group Presentation

What makes a Group?

Town Hall Presentation

Responsibility Statement

I am responsible...

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,

I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.

And for that: I am responsible.